CHEM 1100

Practice Test 6

Note: These questions are representative of the types of questions you can expect on the test. The actual test will be longer, typically between 20-40 questions. You will need to bring a SCANTRON answer sheet to each test.

1. Which one of the compounds below is most likely to be ionic?

a. GaAs
b. SrBr2
c. NO2
d. CBr4
e. H2O

2. Which one of the following compounds is most likely to be a molecule?

a. KF
b. CaCl2
c. SF4
d. Al2O3
e. CaSO4

3. Which element has the greatest electronegativity?

a. Se
b. Sb
c. K
d. Ga
e. Fe

4. What type of chemical bond holds the atoms together within a water molecule?

a. ionic bond
b. nonpolar covalent bond
c. polar covalent bond
d. hydrogen bond

5. Classify the C - Cl bond in CCl4 as ionic, polar covalent, or nonpolar covalent.

a. ionic
b. polar covalent
c. nonpolar covalent

6. The Lewis structure for chlorate ion, ClO3- should show ____ single bond(s), ____ double bond(s), and ____ lone pair(s).

a. 2, 1, 10
b. 3, 0, 9
c. 2, 1, 8
d. 3, 0, 10
e. 2, 1, 9

7. What is the formal charge on the oxygen atom in N2O which has two double bonds?

a. 0
b. +1
c. -1
d. -2
e. +2

8. Which one of the following molecules has an atom with an expanded octet?

a. HCl
b. AsCl5
c. ICl
d. NCl3
e. Cl2

9. According to the VSEPR theory, the shape of the SO3 molecule is:

a. pyramidal
b. tetrahedral
c. trigonal planar
d. see saw
e. square planar

10. Which one of the following molecules has tetrahedral shape?

a. XeF4
b. BF3
c. AsF6
d. CF4
e. NH3

11. Which of the following molecules has no dipole moment?

a. CO
b. CH2Cl2
c. SO3
d. SO2
e. NH3

12. Which one of the following substances will have both London forces and dipole-dipole forces?

a. HCl
b. H2
c. H2S
d. CH4
e. NH3

13. Which of the following should have the highest boiling point

a. CH4
b. Cl2
c. Kr
d. CH3Cl
e. N2

14. Which of the following would be expected to have the lowest vapor pressure at room temperature?

a. ethanol bp = 78oC
b. methanol bp = 65oC
c. water bp = 100oC
d. acetone bp = 56oC

15. Which one of the following substances should exhibit hydrogen bonding in the liquid state?

a. PH3
b. He
c. H2S
d. CH4
e. CH3OH

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